2022 - ongoing

When you face death in your family, albums full of ancient photographs can tell us a story. Unfortunately, so many documents and pictures are lost, or old-time portraits can even never exist. Today, in the era of digital technologies we have a chance to start creating our genealogy, explore our identity, and history, and as a result, save it digitally for the next generations.
In my photographs, I talk to the viewers via colours and dig into their memories and experience through colourful art abstractions.
The project Primogenitors is my research of a family portrait, where I explore my roots, family members’ stories, and their relations. In this project, I explore the Ukrainian nation where I belong and my identity as well.
I started my project after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022; however, my reflections about my family and its history started just three months before the invasion – after my grandfathers’ death. I haven’t seen him for a long time because of the uncertain family relationship and then because of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time my grandfather was the last alive grandparent in my family. I dreamed to meet him in person after the pandemic ends. I felt that I need to collect some stories about his life as a child during World War II and to know better how he and my ancestors survived. But it never happened. I was crushed by the news of his death.  After a while, I felt calm because he shouldn't see a new war again.
Primogenitors series earned awards & honorable mentions:
• Neutral Density Photography Awards 2022 - Honorable mention, Fine Art: Abstract
• Budapest International Foto Awards 2022 - Honorable mention, Fine Art: Collage
• 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2022 - Honorable mention, Digital Manipulation & Collage
• Tokyo International Foto Awards 2022 -  Official selection, Fine Art: Collage
• London International Creative Competition 2022 - Finalist, Create (Art)
• Fine Art Photography Awards 2023 - Nominee in Fine Art
• FRESH EYES 2023, Portrait
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