2023 - ongoing

In my latest project "Elements of Colour," I delve into a fusion of film photography, collage, and paint, weaving a narrative that celebrates the vibrant interplay of hues and forms. This body of work marks an exploration of colour and design, guided by the enduring principles of Johannes Itten's visionary system and the style of Minimalism. Central to this creative idea is my use of reusable materials (painted photo prints from other projects) - a part of the artistic experiment. Through artful collage, I've repurposed fragments of painted photographs from my analog family archive, breathing new life into these visual remnants and infusing them with fresh meaning. 
Film size 88x56 mm, print area size 61x46 mm
Medium: Instant photography, photo paper, paint, collage. 
Number of photographs in collection: 31 
Awards: Honorable mention at ND Awards 2023 in Professional category Fine Art - Abstract. 
Limited edition prints of Elements of colour are located in private collection in Paris, France. 
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