2023 - ongoing
The project titled "Metamorphoses" revolves around the use of Instax camera prints as the primary medium of artistic expression. I engage in meticulous manual labor by integrating diverse paints, including alcohol ink and acrylic paint, onto the instant prints. This process involves careful manipulation of the prints through cutting and damaging, creating a sense of tactile imperfection.
While some photographs within the collection focus on pure aesthetics, devoid of explicit conceptual narratives, during these instances, I rely on intuition and emotions. However, certain images convey specific ideas that I aim to merge with the objects or imagery present in the instant photographs, creating a deeper connection between the visual elements.
A significant aspect of this project is the juxtaposition of the instant prints against vibrant color backgrounds. This exploration of color nuances establishes a silent dialogue with the viewer, evoking a sensory experience through the interplay of form and chromatic expression. The project aims to engage viewers in a visually stimulating and thought-provoking experience, inviting them to explore the transformative possibilities of combining traditional and contemporary artistic techniques.
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