Kate Hrynko is a photographer, researcher, and artist, born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1989. She obtained a master's degree in Management from Université d'Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand I, France, in 2012. After graduation, she pursued a career in international sales management. In 2021, she successfully completed her Ph.D. in international economic relations and held the position of senior lecturer of International Business at Kyiv National University of Trade and Economy, teaching English-speaking students.
Photography has been Kate's passion since 2010 when she purchased her first digital reflex camera. In 2020-2022 she worked as freelance reporter & photographer for Korean Culture and Information Service (South Korea). She graduated from the Kyiv Photography School, class of Dimitri Bogachuk. In 2022 she turned to fine art photography and become a full-time artist.
Digital and film photography, paint, and colour serve as the primary mediums through which she expresses her artistic vision. Photography captures fleeting moments, while paint adds texture, depth, and expression. Colours, with their boundless range of hues and shades, become the driving force behind her artistic language, allowing to communicate on a level beyond words.
Kate's talent and dedication have been recognized through numerous accolades. She was awarded the Bronze prize at PX3 Paris 2022, achieved 2nd place at the International Photography Awards 2022, and was a finalist at State of the World 2022 (PX3, Paris). Her works have received Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes at the Budapest International Foto Awards 2022, as well as a Bronze prize at the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2022. Additionally, she reached the finals of the London International Creative Awards 2022. Her photography has garnered honorable mentions at the ND Awards (2022 and 2023), the 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, a prestigious competition for women photographers.
Kate's photographs have been featured in renowned publications such as Photo Vogue (Italy), Iconic Artist Magazine (Italy), and ARTDOC Photography Magazine, Future Now 2023 (Aesthetica Magazine, UK). Her work has also been selected by editors of LensCulture and YourDailyPhotograph.com. 
Lately, in 2023, Kate become a Longlist Artist at Aesthetica Art Prize (UK) and FRESH EYES talent of GUP Magazine (The Netherlands). 
Kate's artworks are located in corporate and private collections across the UK, the Netherlands, France and her home country - Ukraine. 
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